Wedding Albums Options

Choose between Standard Wedding Album or Premium Photobook.

Standard wedding album

Fabric cover + photo insert.
12×12″, 20 pages, hardcover, slim pages.
Presentation box.
$950 main album. $600 a set of two parent albums.
Extra pages: +$30 per page.


Premium photobook

The same printing quality as a standard album.
Presentation box included.
Archival paper, sturdier binding, thicker cover, can hold thicker pages.

4 cover options:

  • Hardcover photo cover: $1,190
  • Faux leather cover + metallic photo insert: $1,280
  • Genuine leather: $1,370
  • Metallic photo: $1,520

Possible extras:

  • Double thick pages: +$165 to any album
  • Extra pages: +$40 per page
  • A set of two parent premium photobooks: +65%

1. Premium photobook: Hardcover Photo cover

2. Premium photobook, Faux Leather cover + Metallic photo insert

3. Premium photobook, Genuine Leather cover


4. Premium photobook, Metallic photo cover

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